Buy-to-let Mortgages For Expats

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Looking for an expat Buy To Let mortgage in the UK?

Investment properties make an attractive proposition for many expats who live or are currently working abroad.

Despite the challenging process of an expat buy to let mortgage, having a professional mortgage broker based in the UK simplifies matters and ensures you get access to the best deals the market has to offer.

Whether you are looking to secure your first buy to let mortgage, add to your growing portfolio or remortgage an existing buy to let property, our dedicated team of internationally-focused mortgage brokers will help you tap into the UK’s buoyant property market and prime locations.

If you are interested in expat buy to let mortgages, call us to set up a free consultation with one of our internationally-focused mortgage brokers.



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As a long-term UK expat, currently in China, I did not know how to secure a mortgage to buy our first property back home. Thankfully, with Expat Mortgage dot UK's guidance we found a small buy-to-let mortgage. Their patient approach and persistence helped us persevere through the challenges of buying a home in 2020. They helped clarify all the lenders requirements (there was a lot), and found new lenders once one plan didn't work out. Different time zones meant that evening calls were needed, which were always accommodated. We now own our own home, currently rented out, which represents a little bit of security for our family in challenging times. We would definitely use Expat Mortgage dot UK again.