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Which overseas properties have been most popular in 2020?

Pandemic weary Brits have been dreaming of sun-soaked Caribbean villas, Manhattan apartments, and French mansions. Check out the most impressive and popular overseas properties in 2020.

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Dec 22

Underinsurance concerns loom large as Brexit inches closer

It’s easy to forget the UK still has to negotiate a departure from the EU!. One aspect of concern for UK businesses should be underinsurance.

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Nov 12


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As a Franco-British couple, we wanted to keep ties with both of our native countries. So when beginning the process of securing a British mortgage from the EU with all the red tape - we knew that we couldn’t do it alone. Before beginning the property search, we contacted Expat Mortgage and were so impressed by their knowledge, professionalism and reassurance. Buying a property abroad has its stressors, but Expat Mortgage proved to be an unfaltering support system, always going above and beyond to answer our questions and solve any tricky situation. They always have the time of day for a chat, are consistently friendly, impressively reactive and we would use their services again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much!