The Most Popular Overseas Properties This Year

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Dec 22

Pandemic weary Brits have been dreaming of sun-soaked Caribbean villas, Manhattan apartments, and French mansions. Check out the most impressive and popular overseas properties in 2020.

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2020 has been the year of escapism. Whilst stuck indoors, Brits have been dreaming about exotic foreign homes and beautiful overseas mansions. If there is one thing guaranteed to help make lockdown more bearable, it is the thought of escaping to a 9-bed mansion with a heated pool, home cinema and a helipad! These homes may be a fantasy for most but that didn’t stop scores of us checking out some amazing overseas properties in 2020. Here are some of the most popular properties with Brits, a lucky few of whom can seriously contemplate buying properties as varied as a sprawling Coloradan ranch to a palatial French palace.

-bed Thai villa, Koh Kaew, Phuket - £12,961,900

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At just shy of £13 million, this 9-bed Thai villa is quite the investment. While away the hours in a verdant jungle paradise, playing on your own tennis court or doing lengths in your pool. When you’re done, pour yourself a mai tai and take in the sea views from your home’s extensive outdoor lounge area.

This home gives you plenty of opportunities to impress guests, too. A double-height dining hall has space for 10, providing ample room to entertain visitors. This villa is a real gem, nestled deep in a secluded part of paradise.

6-bed Florida house, Key Biscayne - £17,050,424

Florida boasts some of America’s most beautiful homes, with a reputation as the destination of choice for wealthy retirees. This mansion is truly something special; it’s built out into the ocean, with the water coming right up to the garden’s edge. A seawall provides protection, with built-in breakwaters positioned to protect the property from heavy swells. There is, of course, space to moor a yacht of up to 100ft.

At £17 million for a 6-bed property, this mansion has a steep price tag. However, it’s fitted out to the absolute highest specifications. A dedicated barbecue area is the perfect space to soak up some of that iconic Florida sunshine. When the sun goes down, make your way down to the cinema room and take in the latest releases or some old favourites. No American luxury home would be complete without a swimming pool, and this property boasts a gorgeous waterside pool along with a dedicated hot tub.

Central New York apartments, The Shephard - £15,598,532

A Manhattan apartment, right on the edge of City Hall Park, is as good as it gets for metropolitan city-lovers. Right at the end of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, this apartment is on a surprisingly quiet and secluded side street. There are a range of apartments on offer, from 3-bed penthouse suites to single-bed studios, but each is fitted out with the last word in modern luxury. Classic high-end New York living is on show in every room, with blacker-than-black granite countertops, custom-built kitchen units and tasteful decor throughout.

The Shephard, where these flats are located, boasts an incredible range of facilities. With a steam room, gym, golf simulator, basketball court, an arcade and a library, lockdown is no hardship at all.

Pine Ridge Ranch, Durango, Colorado - £8,376,300

Only Americans could describe a 6,735 square foot property as a log cabin. It may be built with logs, used attractively throughout the interior, but in any other country this would be called a luxury villa. This mountain ranch is fitted out to the top standards of luxury, incorporating classic American frontier aesthetics alongside modern living standards.

But that’s not all; it’s a real working ranch, with 1,300 acres of land spread throughout the mountain ridges and meadows. It has stables, equestrian scales, a hay barn, corrals and even an arena. If you’re looking for somewhere to live out your frontier fantasies, this is the place for you.

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9-bed villa, Cannes, Cote d’Azur, France - £108,932,400

Louis XIV himself would be jealous of this modern Versailles. This palatial mansion in France is situated near Cannes, in the French Riviera. Beautiful grounds surround this home, offering seclusion and solitude alongside gorgeous clifftop sea views. Drama and comfort co-exist in this property, with cutting-edge technology sequestered throughout the home. Life couldn’t be easier and more enjoyable, with tennis courts, a lake, built-in spa, and a stunning swimming pool.

The cost of this home is astronomical, exceeding £100 million, but it’s the very last word in European luxury. Located a short drive from Cannes international airport, this is the perfect home for the world’s creme-de-la-creme.

Seafield House, Dublin - £9,032,311

Here’s something a little closer to home, but no less stunning. Seafield House is a stately home in Ireland, not far outside Dublin. It’s packed with gorgeous features such as a gallery room, stable yard and a grand, pillar-flanked entrance. It’s currently in use as a private residence, and what a home it makes. Set in 80 acres beside the picturesque Malahide Estuary, this property boasts elegant 18th Century perfection.

Seafield House features 8 bedrooms as well as a private studio apartment and a gate lodge. There’s plenty of space to entertain with 5 reception rooms, all of which are fitted out to the highest standards of decor. For those with a taste for British-style grandeur, this Irish home is the perfect overseas getaway.

5-bed villa, Faralya, Turkey - £5,405,452

This archetypal Mediterranean villa is situated in the tranquil Turkish seaside village of Faralya. Nestled into Turkey’s southern coast. The surrounding countryside is a slice of rural heaven far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and famous for its striking mountains, beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscapes.

This home offers all the creature comforts you need to fully relax; an infinity pool with views across the ocean, rustic passageways leading to spacious outdoor entertainment spaces and generous accommodation. While this property might be described as a bungalow, the image of a small retirement home couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, it is equipped with 5 bedrooms (all with matching WCs), spacious dining and living areas, and fantastic decor throughout.

4-bed house, Tamarina Golf & Beach Resort, Mauritius - £2,219,000

Out in the Indian Ocean, with Madagascar the nearest major landmass, this exotic island offers true escapism. For the perfect antidote to 2020, this Mauritian villa offers sweeping vistas, spacious grounds and easy access to idyllic beaches.

Carefully designed to offer comfort and cooling ventilation, this 4-bedroom villa is situated within the Tamarina Golf and Beach estate. As the name suggests, this development offers exclusive access to an 18-hole course designed by the prolific Rodney Wright. With generous gardens and top-notch facilities, this property provides the perfect getaway.

7-bed lakeside villa, Montreux, Swiss - £14,206,303

From the heat of the Indian Ocean to the crisp chill of the Swiss Alps, this lakeside villa offers a more refined pace of life. Situated alongside the famous Lake Geneva, this home boasts dramatic mountain views to be taken in while dining and relaxing. With 7 bedrooms and a swimming pool, this is the absolute last word in European comfort living, with elegance and style to match.

While you’ll have all the space and isolation you want, this home is far from cut off. Geneva lies on the other side of the lake, a pleasant hour’s drive (or boat trip) away. Splitting your time between the high culture of Geneva and the pleasant calm of Montreux is about as good as it gets.

5-bed Balinese villa, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Caribbean - £14,708,812

Caribbean property famously features some of the most exclusive estates in the world; you can even purchase an island of your own. Looking at these gorgeous photos, you can almost feel the hot Caribbean sun coming through the screen. The perfect antidote to a cold British winter, this gorgeous 5-bed villa in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the perfect place to get away from the world. With a natural-looking swimming pool coming right up to the property’s edge, this feels like an oasis in the middle of nowhere.

This home is built in the Balinese style, using hardwood, open walkways and high ceilings to create a property that’s airy and spacious. The cool, light decor provides the perfect counterpoint to the hot Caribbean sun, allowing you to relax in comfort while taking in the sea view.

7-bed beachside villa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai - £12,000,000

The Palm Jumeirah is a one-of-a-kind development in Dubai. A man-made archipelago stretching into the Persian Gulf, inhabitants live along each of the beaches that make up the “palm fronds”. Each house is situated directly on the beachfront, with pearly-white sand and azure water just a few steps away.

This particular property is a fantastic example of Arabian luxury, with 7 bedrooms set in a verdant plot of greenery. The traditional picture of Dubai living is of high-rise apartments in developments like the Burj Khalifa, but this villa provides a homely counterpoint. Featuring a private beach and personal “hammam” (a traditional steam bath), this villa offers all the creature comforts necessary to enjoy life in Dubai.

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Why let an overseas home be a daydream? These fantastic villas and mansions are all up for sale, with plenty of other properties on offer as well. Millions of Brits are reassessing what really matters to them, and if you’re thinking of investing in an overseas home, you won’t be the only one. Start investing in overseas property today to secure your own space in the sun.