An Interview with Alex Ewen from Falbros Ltd

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Alex Ewen - Falbros Ltd

Alex Falzon Ewen

So Alex, tell us a bit about yourself...

I am a mortgage Broker that helps a wide range of clients source and obtain the most suitable products for their circumstances. Situations are very diverse from helping non resident foreign nationals purchase million pound properties to helping first time buyers purchase their first property or even property developers looking to expand their portfolios.

Due to the time I have been a mortgage broker for and the different companies I have worked within I have an excellent knowledge of how the market works (especially under the FCA) and developed numerous relationships with different lenders which in the current environment provide invaluable help to many people.

What do you specialise in?

I have a lot of expierence helping UK Expats and in general i focus on the more complex side of mortgage cases. I find them rewarding as i have to ensure my product knoweldge is constantly up to date in a very dynamic and fast changing environment.

What makes you different?

It is a bit of a cliché but our service is what makes us different. I am always engaging with clients, keeping them informed and up to date. Everyone is aware how stressful buying a house can be - my main focus is to alleviate clients concerns by always being contactable and managing the mortgage process as smoothly as possible even if that means responding to client concerns at unearthly times!

What is the relationship between Falbros and Expat Mortgage?

Expat mortgage is owned by Falbros and is effectively a specialist department focused on helping UK expats only. It allows us to be really specific with great content and product knowledge for expats.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to keep fit, i go to the gym quite a lot as it helps to destress. I am currently learning to play the Piano.