Using LinkedIn to find an overseas job

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Jun 22

Taking a job overseas can be a fantastic way to boost your career while indulging a love of travel. LinkedIn announced that, last year, the most popular destinations for UK LinkedIn members were New York, Sydney, Mumbai and Johannesburg.

Linkedin Tips

For those that are not lucky enough to be relocated overseas through their existing employer, fear not, harnessing the networking capabilities of LinkedIn can lead to surprising connections and opportunities.

When creating or updating your LinkedIn profile it is always worth remembering the following tips which will help LinkedIn work for you.

First Impressions count

Boost your chances of getting noticed by including a picture, previous roles and your proudest achievements. Make sure your headline is engaging and accurately reflects your professional identity.

If experiencing a new culture is the biggest draw for you, then include it as an interest to show prospective employers why you’re keen to move.

Distinguish yourself

Highlight your skills and explain how your experience has contributed to them. Word of mouth works, so ask your previous employers, clients and other connections to provide endorsements and recommendations focusing on particular skills.


Making at least 50 trusted connections will maximise your networking opportunities.

Join expat groups and LinkedIn groups that share details of job openings in your chosen expat country.

It’s also good to work out which country you are interested in moving to, because this makes targeting your search much easier. If you find a group that serves your chosen industry and country, this will be a huge help.

Follow Companies

Make a list of international companies you would like to work for, then follow their updates on LinkedIn – a lot of companies now post new positions or have a separate LinkedIn account specifically for recruitment.

Think multi-national

Global organisations can be a great jumping off point for your career overseas, so look for opportunities here.

A LinkedIn study found that its top ten employers of UK professionals abroad were those that already have a presence in this country: Ernst & Young, IBM, PwC, HSBC and Shell.

Know your market

Just as you should research a company before you go for an interview, demonstrating that you understand how your industry works in another country will help to convince employers that you can fit in easily.